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Maria T. Olivero, MD
Clinical Director
Trust Us to Be Here When You Need Us

Imagine swimming across the lake without stopping to catch your breath. Imagine playing 18 holes of golf without rubbing your itchy, watery eyes. Imagine hiking through tall grass on a beautiful summer day, free from the nuisance of a runny nose. And imagine enjoying a picnic in the middle of spring.

We understand that activities such as these can be hard to imagine when you’re suffering from allergies.
But if physical activities seem out of reach and pollen counts dictate when you leave the house, you’re
not controlling allergies, they’re controlling you.

And, We can help You.
Led by Dr. Maria T. Olivero, Allergy & Asthma Centre uses state-of-the-art allergy treatments to help people control their breathing problems and live more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Olivero is an excellent clinician and diagnostician who keeps up on all the latest advances in allergy and asthma care. She has a kind, gentle demeanor, and she treats her patients like family. Patients always comment that she listens well, addresses their concerns and explains their treatment in easy-to-understand terms. She doesn’t rush their care. But she is very respectful of both her patients and their schedules.

All in all, as a long-established allergist in Florida, Dr. Olivero has helped thousands of people to breathe easier. Let her help you, too.
Get the relief you need through people-centered care you can trust